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This pict was a strange cloud formation I captured over Gulfport in December 2007

For those of you who don't get Irony
Bird perched on A BB gun!!

This is mine and Mary's 1967 Camaro, We together restored from a pile of junk ,A whole lot of time, money, patience and faith! Not to forget blood sweat and tears!

When you click on the Camaro it will take you to another page where you will see the before picture of the car when we bought it from the junk dealer

Click the pict to see before

I still love the rock band UFO but I'm not as obsessed as I used to be! Click on the pict for a link to amazon music where you can sample mp3s ,learn about the band or buy the music

UFO 1980

Keep Rock'n!

This is an instrumental piece called Earth Shine that I wrote, It was ment to express the way I feel about the Earth and life it'self ,I don't claim to be a professional so bear with me. I played all parts and used computer software to layer the tracks of each guitar. I know I need to update ,this was the year 2000 !

Click here for "Earth Shine"

Don't laugh this was 18yrs ago!
Don't have as much hair now!

All play and no work don't pay the bills
Tig welding jbassweld style!

Ready for shipment !

This was a special inconel pipe job for Dupont
It was worth over 3/4 of a million $

Looking inside the pipe at the root pass!
All the welds were 100% x- ray'd

This is a stainless steel smoker I built for SMW
It was for the Owner Ricky Bishop

This is the link to my picture progression video for the Camaro 's rebirth!

Udated: May 25 2008